Plasma Filler


Plasma Gel Bio-fil can be used to lift very fine lines and wrinkles as well as larger areas of the facial skin that need to be treated.

The Plasma Gel is produced by processing the patient’s own plasma, denaturing the plasma protein by heat, and then combining the obtained hard gel with other plasma bio-active ingredients like growth factors, stem cell CD34+, Nutrients and Medical Ozone.

The Plasma Bio-Fil is injected to volumize and lift areas of the face such as cheeks, naso-labial folds, jawline, and lips for a totally natural face-lift.

Plasma Gel has the same color and consistency as autologous fat, but when injected, the softness is much better than autologous fat and it allows to be more precise and refined.

The advantage of using Plasma Gel Bio-Fil over synthetic fillers is that this bio-active material works under the skin reactivating the natural dermal regeneration processes; with your Plasma used to produce the Plasma Gel, there is no risk of allergic reactions, so it 100% safe to receive, and it’s soft, subtle and natural in appearance and feel.

For optimal results, 2-3 treatment are necessary, 4 to 8 weeks apart depending on the specific desired results and client lifestyle. The longevity of Plasma Gel Bio-Fil is greater than synthetic fillers as Plasma Gel Bio-Fil builds up over time, continuing to enhance your features whereas synthetic products break down, leaving phases of dissolving  product and the necessity to continually repeat the procedure every 6-36 months; dependent on synthetic product(s) used. 

Results may last 12 to 36 months depending on the patient age, condition, post-treatment maintenance, and lifestyle. Augmenting your sessions with good nutrition, IV Vitamin C and Glutathione, and using your customized Ozone and PRP CD34 creme, will enhance the longevity of your Plasma Gel Bio-Fil.


•  Lift small and deep Wrinkles

•  Lift large areas of facial skin

•  Promote cellular regeneration

•  Increase Collagen production

•  Prevent loss of cellular structure

•  Molds face contours

•  Does not cause any allergic reaction

•  Dissolves smoothly over the time and does not creates lumps

More About Plasma Filler

How long is the Plasma Gel Bio-Fil procedure?

Duration: 60-120 minutes; dependent on area(s) filled and if done in conjunction with other procedures such as PRP Mesotherapy.

Why chose Plasma Gel Bio-Fil?

Natural Alternative to Synthetic Fillers.

Included with the treatment, we create a special Plasma Preparation Cream to be used for 10 days after the treatment as follow-up. Clinically proven to increase results.

What will session be like?

A topical Skin Numbing creme is applied with local topical anesthetic

A Blood draw of 40-80cc is performed​​

Blood processing and phases separation

Plasma is then process in a medical heater to activate collagen and denature the albumin to produce your all natural gel product.

Nutrients, Procaine, and Ozone added to the Plasma Gel Bio-Fil product to further activate collagen, potentiate the release of the now concentrated growth factors and enhance the healing cascade that is set into action with injections while making the procedure as comfortable as possible for client.

Plasma Gel Bio-Fil injections to area(s) of client request

Plasma Bio-Active personalized Ozone cream is compounded ( to be used for 10 days as follow-up home treatment)