Ozone Therapy

An old, highly effective therapy in health and fitness is available in Sioux Falls. We can all use a boost, and Ozone therapies preserve our ability to live well and be beautiful inside and out with revitalization of the body and the spirit.

These days demands of family, work and maintaining health are more and more hectic; we are busy and under stress in our everyday lives. We have a huge need for health and energy in order to adequately meet the challenges of each day. Ozone therapy gives us this energy and increases our ability to enjoy life and to preserve youth and vitality.



For the purposes of medicine, Ozone is generated by the interaction of pure oxygen and high energy electric charge in a special, medical ozone generator. This is how we get a strictly concentrated mixture of oxygen and ozone, which is used in a specific dosages for its different applications and administered by a speciality trained health care provider. 



•  anti-virus, anti-bacterial and fungicidal action

•  powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. Supports healing of joints, muscles,  and ligaments

•  immune-modulating action

•  activates the antioxidant systems of the organism by helping for decomposition of free radicals;

•  good metabolite regulator;

•  restores health to cells

•  heals tissues, muscles, ligaments

•  oxidizes the fat acids, which decreases cholesterol levels and its different fractions

•  combats general fatigue

•  improves microcirculation.

•  skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, alopecia, acne, bacterial skin infections)

-in cosmetology; anti-aging effect, boosts circulation and collagen

•  strong detoxifying effect – improves the liver function and also is a good way to influence metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.



•  hyperthyroidism

•  pregnancy

•  pancreatitis

•  disorder in blood coagulation

•  epilepsy

•  even though very rear (1 in 10000) – allergies to ozone 



•  intravenous – the most common one, at which own blood is enriched with the necessary amount of ozone from the device and then it is infused back in the patient;

•  subcutaneous – the oxygen-ozone mixture is infused with microscopic needles in the affected areas or as mesotherapy

•  intramuscular – similar to a muscle injection, with ozonized blood;

•  intra articular –in or around the articulation at joint diseases;

•  externally – for treatment of injuries, ulcers, post-operative lesions, others.

•  insufflation- ears, nose, rectal, bladder and vaginal

More About Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy as a Revitalizing and Regenerating Method

In nowadays world, full of stress and pressure at work, the necessity of a method or a way that could help us preserve our energy, the ability to work and to meet the challenges of the day appears more and more often. One course of ozone therapy (10 procedures) per year gives us that necessary energy and increases our immunity and strength. The body is cleaned from the accumulated toxins, the cells regenerate.

Application of the Ozone Therapy in Cosmetology

It is applied mostly as an anti-age therapy against wrinkles, scars, improvement in rosacea by strengthening the vessels, improvement of microcirculation. Treatment of serious acne is a big challenge that Ozone has a positive impact on. It is also a good cellulite treatment.

Application Method

In cosmetology – subcutaneous application of oxygen and ozone mixture in a certain concentration and amount. The mixture is added to plasma and/ or nutrients and injected in or around the wrinkles, surface hypodermically with a very fine mesotherapy needle. This is how the microcirculation is improved, the cells are rejuvenated and the metabolic processes in them are stimulated. The destructive effect of the free radicals is neutralized. This stimulates the collagen and elastin synthesis and restores the natural ability of skin to keep the moisture. As a result, the wrinkles become smooth, a significantly rejuvenating effect is achieved, the skin becomes more elastic and flexible.

As cellulite treatment

the ozone therapy helps the destruction of the sclerotic shell of fat tissues and this way it decreases manifestation of the so called “orange skin”. Not only ozone activates the fat volume, but it also starts a mechanism for natural decrease of the accumulated fat. Blood circulation in the tissue improves, as the skin becomes more flexible, tight and elastic. The structure of the connective tissue becomes normal. At systematic injecting of ozone, the hormonal balance and metabolism are recovered.

The procedure is made as microscopic needles are stuck subcutaneous in the affected areas and a certain amount of ozone and oxygen mixture is infused. Cellulite treatment is most effective in its early stages. The necessary number of therapies is 10, and it is recommended they were made two per week.

Before and Afters

61 year old female after 1 Cosmetic PRP/ozone treatment. This photo is untouched and after 3 months