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Nicole Muilenburg, RN

Nurse Nicole is a medically trained, cosmetic professional performing Advanced PRP and CD 34+, Ozone, and Nutrient therapies to improve skin, scalp, and health from the inside out.

1994-1998- AUGUSTANA UNIVERSITY, Sioux Falls, SD

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Nursing



2005- National Laser Institute. Certified Laser Nurse

Received specialized training in cosmetic procedures such as IPL photofacials, microdermabrasion, deep chemical peels, and various Class IV Medical Lasers.



2014- Eclipse Aesthetics micro-needling training workshop



2014-2016- HEALTHY EGDE, Seattle, WA

Holistic Health Coach 




Colon Hydrotherapist Certification



2014- 2016- IVNTP, Cedar Ridge

IV Nutritional Therapy for Physicians
-Advanced Oncology IV Nutritional Therapy, Heavy Metal Burden Evaluation and Reduction: Detoxification IV Nutritional Therapies
-Anti- Aging IV Nutritional Therapy
-Athletic Performance IV Nutritional Therapies
-Addiction and Detoxification IV Nutritional Therapies



2015- DR. JEFF HARRIS, ND, Seattle, WA

Neural Therapy Practitioner Certification for scar treatment, segmental therapy, trigger point injections.



2017- SOPMED Advanced Medical Ozone Training and Certification

Joint and Spine Injections, Major and Minor Auto-Hemmotherapy, topical and other applications.

2017- Advanced Aesthetic Ozone and PRP Injection Certification

Ozone and PRP education and certification with Dr. McMonagle, Lake Osego Health


Dr. Patino

Medical Director 

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